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Maki Boxes Now Available!

Available at both ROL locations, these boxes are designed for all you sushi lovers looking for convenience without compromising flavor. Kick back, relax, and let the good times 'roll' with your favorite maki rolls right at your fingertips.


A hand roll bar. Not here to reinvent the wheel - just roll it in a different direction. 

Introducing ROL Hand Roll Bar, Orange County’s premier hand roll destination! Brought to you by Chef Viet Nguyen and his restaurant group Kei Concepts, ROL presents a modern twist on a tried-and-true experience. Providing an intimate and lively atmosphere, this Japanese-inspired eatery focuses on giving every single guest a full chef-to-table experience. Opt for counter seating to be face-to-face with the chefs preparing your hand rolls or choose to be seated in our dining room for a more sociable experience with your party.

Yelp Reservations Available!​

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